DISCLAIMERS: Hopefully this will help explain why our Beach Cam is not perfect. Web cams can be tricky to maintain, so sometimes ours is down. We occasionally get complaints that the live stream isn’t great or that the sunset is not well centered. The camera does not follow the sun’s constantly changing position automatically, so periodically we have to ask our webmaster do it manually. The lens is cleaned regularly, but it gets marred easily from being outdoors and so close to the beach. We are on a barrier island and the telecommunications connections aren’t the best. The camera platform will only allow a limited number of viewers at one time, so it will not work for everyone if there are too many viewers. We apologize for these shortcomings, but please keep in mind that the camera is simply a novelty item that we installed so people can enjoy our beach scene. There are other beach cams available – just search the net for “Sanibel Captiva beach cams” and you will find various sites. Meanwhile, thank you for clicking in! 🙂